Knives for Composite Materials

Improve your production starting from the tool!

In addition to the sharpening of hard metal tools for paper, packaging and plastic industries, Zuffinetti has specialized in the development of Knives for Composite Materials.

The collaboration with the main companies in the Automotive and Aerospace sector has allowed us to constantly improve the quality of the knives we supply and to develop new solutions for cutting composite materials as well as fabrics, rubbers and thermoplastic films.


Zuffinetti composite material cutting tools guarantee:

  • Clean cuts, without burrs and significant reduction of dusting
  • Constant cutting quality over time
  • Ability to cut multiple layers simultaneously without difficulty
  • Reduced cutting force

Areas of Application

The high corrosivity of materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar fiber and fiberglass has always been a problem due to the high consumption of cutting knives.

Ultrasonic cutting, with oscillations ranging from 20.30 to 35 KHz, is an excellent alternative for this type of processing as it allows the aforementioned products to be cut much faster than a normal mechanical blade and with much lower consumption levels. This type of technology is optimal for 3/5 axis machining.

The knives designed and industrialized by Zuffinetti are performed according to the application and frequency of the customer’s equipment.

More than 65 years of experience allow us to ensure the production of blades with identical performance over extended periods of time.

When the materials to be cut do not have great hardness and/or thickness, cuts can be obtained using a cutting plotter.

Zuffinetti designs and manufactures knives with standard angles, 30 °/45 °/65 ° or alternatively it can develop blades with specific profiles and angles according to the customer’s needs.

The use of hard metal guarantees maximum durability and performance over time


High precision of execution with guaranteed quality standards: precise and burrs-free cuts


Maximum quality to guarantee the absence of chips during the entire cutting life of the tool and to allow high production speeds


Wear-resistant materials and specific cutting angles are defined to ensure 20% longer cutting cycles than conventional tools.


Zuffinetti knives are designed starting from your production plant to ensure the best possible performance


Over 65 years of experience

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    Zuffinetti: specialists in the production of Knives for Composite Materials