Grinding and sharpening

Our competence extends to all production processes. We pride ourselves on an exclusive sharpening and grinding service, the feather in the cap of the whole assistance process thanks to the speedy response, our up-to-date machines fleet and the experience matured over the years.

Zuffinetti sharpens in accordance with customer-supplied specifications. We can customize the service provided for each and every item, obtaining the very best cutting results and helping extend the knife’s useful life. We guarantee the tolerances required in accordance with the characteristics of the material used in construction.

Our area of expertise:

  • Sharpening and grinding of linear knives up to 3.6 m;
  • Sharpening and grinding of circular blades and knives up to Ø350 mm;
  • Sharpening and grinding of parts in steel, HSS and ASP;
  • Sharpening and grinding of parts in full or brazed Tungsten Carbide;
  • Sharpening of dies in steel or Tungsten Carbide;
  • Wire EDM of parts in Tungsten Carbide;
  • Sharpening of special cutting tools;
  • Coating.

Our machine fleet include grinders for straight blades, tangential grinding machines, grinders for circular blades, lapping machines, wire EDM, 4-5 axis sharpeners.