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This Cookie Policy concerns the use of Cookies by the website. For the website Privacy Policy, click here.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little text files that the websites visited by users put on their devices, in order to be transmitted again to the same websites the next visit. Cookies are divided in proprietary cookies (created by the website that you are visiting) and third party cookies, created by a different website by the one you are visiting. This happens because on every website there may be present elements (imagines, maps, sounds, specific like to webpage of other domains, etc) that are found on different servers with respect to the one you are visiting.
Another distinction is the one between the session cookies and the persistent cookies. The first one disapper at the end of the browser session and allows to the website to link the action of the user during that specific session. The persistent cookies remains in the device memory even after the end of the browser session and are used to remember preferencies and/or actions of the user even during other sessions (for example the cookies that allow you to “be remembered on this computer” or “to remain always connected”).

What cookies are for?

Technical cookies: these cookies are used to navigate or give a service requried by the user. They are not used for other aims and normally they are installed by the website owener. Their aim is to improve the user experience.
For example they are used to recognize the language and the market of the country from which the user chose to connect himself. In the e-commerce website may be used to mantain in memory the products inserted by the user in their shopping cart and so they will be able to find them the next time they connect themselves to the website.

Analytical cookies They are used to collect information on how the website is used. They are used for statistical analysis, for improvement actions and streamlining functionalities, for monitoring the correct functioning. These kind of cookies collect information in anonym form about the user activity in the website and in the way they are arrived to the website and the pages they visited.
Zuffinetti uses the Google Analytics service provided by Google, Inc. for the statistics creation about the website use; Google Analytis uses cookies that do not memorize personal data. The information collected by the cookies on the use of the website from the users (even the IP addresses) are transmitted to Google and conserved in their servers.
Google gives back to Zuffinetti the data in aggregated form and never linked to the users’ identity, through reports and other informatic service. Google doesn’t transfer this information to third parties unless it is required by the law or in the case that these subjects manages the data for Google. Under any circumstance, Google declares in its informatives that would not associate the IP address to any data collected. In order to consult the privacy policy of Gogole, related to the Google Analytics service, you can visit the website:

Profiling Cookies: these cookies are used to trace the user navigation in the web and create profiles based upon its tastes, habits, choices, ecc. These cookiees can be transmitted to the user browser through advertising message correlated to the preferences already epressed by the user during his online navigation. For a deeper knowledge about the behavioural advertisment you can visit this website:

Cookies to integrate products and functions of third parties: this kind of cookie integrates functionalities developed by third parties inside the pages of the website such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks with the aim to share the content of the website or for the use of third parties software service (such as service to generate maps and other service that offer more services). This cookies are sent by third parties domain and from partner websites that offer their functionalities in the website pages.

For more information on these cookeis and the way they are used by each of the third parties, you can read information in the following links:




Youtube (since Youtube is a Google product, the same privacy policy is applied)



How to disable cookies

The user has the right to negate or revoke the use from the diverse cookies. The navigation on our website will keep going in the same way, but you may encounter anomalities.
In order to disable, deny or revoke the cookie consent it is necessary to access to your browser’s setting. The following links explain how to disable cookies for the most used browsers.

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