Carbide Tools Sharpening for Hygiene Sector

Improve your production starting from the tool!

In addition to the carbide tools sharpening for the paper, packaging and plastic industry, Zuffinetti has specialized in the development and sharpening of high efficiency carbide tools for the Hygiene Production.

Exclusive use of the best quality carbide along with sharpening procedures developed specifically for client’s production allow us to guarantee more accurate cuttings, with 20/30% higher operation cycles than standard tools.

Special Knives for Hygiene industry

Why Us


High precision of execution with guaranteed quality standards: precise and burrs-free cuts


Maximum quality to guarantee the absence of chips during the entire cutting life of the tool and to allow high production speeds


Wear-resistant materials and specific cutting angles are defined to ensure 20% longer cutting cycles than conventional tools.


Zuffinetti knives are designed starting from your production plant to ensure the best possible performance


Over 65 years of experience

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    Zuffinetti: specialists in carbide tools sharpening in Italy