About Us

Natale Zuffinetti in the city of Milan

The company was founded in 1954 by Natale Zuffinetti in the city of Milan.

In this initial phase, activities were limited to the Milan area, concentrating on the production of paper knives and perforating rules. The company immediately made a name for itself in the industrial knives sector, standing out for its great skills, quality service and specialized offer.

In 1964, Zuffinetti took an important step forward: in the wake of the economic boom and in a rapidly growing market, the company was able to position itself as one of the most prominent industrial knives producer despite the increasing competition, providing a superior product and extending its range of action to cover the whole Italy.

Another important change took place in the 1970s: led by Alfredo Zuffinetti, the company was the first to face the challenge of the growing industrial market of Tungsten Carbide knives.

The steady increase in the machine fleet and in the surface area used for production went hand in hand with an evolving technology and a general update of the machinery: this is a key feature underlying the company’s dynamism, which has helped it to become the undisputed national leader it is today.

In 1995, the company signed an important agreement with WIDIA for exclusive rights for Tungsten Carbide paper knives in Italy: therefore, the family’s third generation had the chance to break into new markets and to increase the quality of the offer.

In 2000, the company moved to a new operative headquarter: a 2,000 m² area located in Vimodrone (Milan), housing a renewed machine fleet and featuring integrated management of all production processes, entirely based on the SAPR/3 program.

In 2003, the company attained quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. Thanks to this recognition, Zuffinetti could strengthen its growth, both in terms of technology evolution and in terms of the position on international markets the company has been able to reach.

On account of the collaboration with WIDIA, Zuffinetti can also offer cutting-edge technological solutions for special works and executions, using different grades and qualities of Tungsten Carbide specifically studied to meet the customer’s demands.

Zuffinetti was one of the first companies ever to use and propose cutting solutions based on ASP – one of the latest generation of steel: thanks to the use of this type of material and to its great experience and skills, nowadays the company has become a national benchmark in its area of expertise.

For three generations Zuffinetti has selected and used only the very best raw materials, paying great care and attention to the research of quality and innovation in the whole production process.